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CGS 1060C - Course Preview Page

Course Name: Computer and Internet Literacy
Course Number: CGS 1060C

A mandatory online orientation will take place during the first three (3) days of the session, consisting of an assignment, an introductory discussion, an email using BConline email and a syllabus agreement assessment. If not completed, please drop the class for full refund by the end of drop/add date specified above.

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Faculty Introduction

Dr. Ronald P. Sperano 

Phone: 561.445.7354


Dr. Ron Sperano is currently an independent IT consultant. Previously he was the Department Chair of IT and Business at Everglades University in Boca Raton, Florida. Before Everglades, Dr. Sperano was the Director of Product Management for WalkAbout Computers, subsequently purchased by DRS Technologies, both of which manufactured rugged Tablet PCs. Prior to his retirement, Dr. Sperano held the position of Program Director, Mobile Market Development for the IBM Personal Computer Division (purchased by the Lenovo corp.) Dr. Sperano was responsible for worldwide marketing initiatives and strategy for PCD’s wireless initiatives involving Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ir and Cellular. Before becoming involved with wireless technologies, Dr. Sperano was the worldwide Marketing Manager for the Ultraportable segment of the notebook computer market responsible for the conception, development, introduction and launch of many of the IBM ThinkPad products. During his 30-year IBM career, Dr. Sperano has been involved with Handhelds through Mainframes. He was one of the original members of the IBM ThinkPad brand team. Prior to joining IBM in 1974 Dr. Sperano served three years in the United States Army Signal Corps. Dr. Sperano holds a Ph.D., Ed.S., MBA and BBA. 

Dr. Patricia M. Sperano 

Phone: 561.542.2683


Dr. Pat Sperano is an instructor for Information Systems as well as a business consultant specializing in business models and the worldwide web. She is retired from IBM. Dr. Pat Sperano received an MA from the University of Phoenix online program and Ed.S. and Ph.D. from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Pat Sperano is usually online 10 to 12 hours a day, so email is the best way to reach her.

Course Description

This is an introductory course in basic computer and Internet use. It covers computer hardware and software fundamentals, including the use of  Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access), and living in an online world (including network fundamentals, e-mail, and the effective use of the Internet as a communication tool and information resource). Students will develop basic computer skills to aid them with college studies and workforce readiness. Hands-on use of a Windows-based personal computer is required.

Methods of Instruction

This is a 3-credit hour course. In this class we will meet online. The final exam is PROCTORED  and must be taken at a specific time at either the Central Campus or North Campus eTesting Centers. Students who are unable to take the final exam at Broward College must contact the instructor to make alternative arrangement (for which there may be a cost) as early as possible. See your actual course for details.

Students will review content from online resources, post to discussions, complete projects, take tests and a final exam. All work must be completed in Broward's BCOnline (Desire2Learn) learning platform.

The purpose of an online class is to render flexibility to the student in determining their learning schedule. It eliminates travel time and the need to appear at a specific time and day to participate in the class (with the exception of the Final Exam, which is PROCTORED). However, the amount of work and time one would have to invest in this class to be successful is the same as an equivalent on-ground class. Online classes do not reduce the amount of work, nor do they eliminate deadlines. This is especially true for online "Short Courses".   

Learning Outcomes

The CGS1060C Course Outline lists the outcomes of the course.

Course Requirements

To complete the online segments of this course, you must have access to computer hardware and software that meets or exceeds BC's minimum hardware and software requirements as well as the hardware and software listed below and other materials listed under Required Course Materials.

  • Is your computer ready for e-learning? Click here to check it out.
  • Additional Hardware and Software Requirements:
    • Must have access to a Microsoft Windows based PC running XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 as the Operating System
    • Must have one of the following Browsers; Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome
    • Must have access to Microsoft Office 2013 application suite (Access, Word, PowerPoint and Excel)
      • Students who do not own Microsoft Office 2013 have the following options:
      • Visit a Broward College Learning Resource Center and complete Office projects at the LRC.
      • Find a public library that provides patrons access to computers with Office 2013 installed and complete Office project at the library.
      • Visit a friend who has Office 2013 installed and complete Office projects there.
      • Purchase Office 365 University which is a 4-year subscription to all new Office applications for $79.99 which equates to $20/year.
      • Purchase a 180 day trial for Office 2013 Home Premium (includes Access) from the Central Campus Bookstore at a nominal cost (less than $15).
        • Request MS GEN COMBO 180 TRIAL - ISBN: 978-1-259-23453-8 when contacting the bookstore.
  • Only documents in Microsoft Office Format (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .accdb) will be accepted. Please virus check documents before sending them. Panda Software offers a free online virus check. If you do not have proper software on your computer, you can use the Microsoft Office suite on any of the "open lab" computers at any BC Learning Resource Center or in public libraries. complete the online segments of this course, you must have access to computer hardware and software that meets or exceeds BC's minimum hardware and software

    Course Prerequisites

    To maximize your chances for success in this course, make sure that you meet the following course prerequisites:

    • Course Prerequisites: None

    Required Course Materials


    How to Register for this Course

    To enroll in this course please go to myBC website . Note: Students must pay for the course before they will be able to log into the course.

    Information Contact

    For general information regarding this course and/or the registration process, you may contact the Broward College Online Campus at 954 201-7900. For specific information regarding the course, the method of instruction, or the assessment process, you may contact the instructor at their email address above and title the subject "CGS1060C Information Request". Use your official Broward College email account to ensure that your email will be received. Using an email account that is not your official Broward College email account may result in the email being treated as SPAM.

    How to Access this Course once you are Enrolled in this Course

    Students will be permitted access to the course on the first day of the session in which the course is scheduled. The only students who will be permitted to login are those who have registered and paid for the course. There may be a delay of up to 30 minutes from when a student registers and pays before BConline login is activated. Note that the course will be available starting at 12:00am on the first day of class (August 26, 2013 for sessions 1 & 2 and September 9, 2013 for session 4).

    • Your BConline User Name is the same as your BC email ID.
    • Your BConline password is the same as your BC email PIN code.
    • If you need login information, obtain BC email user ID and PIN code before attempting to login to BConline.
    • The BC email address site, click on "ID Lookup", then enter your Student# (or INTL Student ID#) and PIN code (2 digit birth month and 4 digit year). Write down your email ID (not the part), which is your BConline User Name.

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